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marble factory will move you in an extraordinary world. everything you see is subject to the laws of physics, but you can break the rules. before you, more than 40 unusual and intriguing puzzle. you'll get the ball in different colors. Your task is to put them in proper order the appropriate places. it is not easy, however, ways to complete this stage is really a lot. marble factory toy
  • innovative gameplay
  • realistic game physics
  • over 40 levels
  • over 30 unique toys
  • multilanguage
    english german french polish
  • and more...
innovative gameplay
From now, the game is absolutely free, but if you like this game, make a donation.
Marble is an amazing world. One touch is enough to run the giant machine. Marble Factory uses a powerful physics engine which makes it all possible. The principle of the game is simple. You get the balls of different colors, which you have to put in the correct order. However, it is so easy. Waiting for you all kinds collapses, traps and other puzzles. As the real world, everything is important, the weight of the ball, the impact force, speed. If you like challenges, get to fight.
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unique toys & levels
mable factory millMarble Factory includes over 40 different levels. each stage requires you to cunning and intelligence. is not an easy task when you are waiting on the various traps and puzzles, which is more than 30 types. interact in a world where the laws of physics are no restrictions, you can finish the game in many ways.
create your own world
marble world editoryou tired of solving puzzles? is not everything. we give you a tool with which you can create your own world. Marble World Editor has been designed so that you the easy way he could construct new levels. Help us create a world of Marble. look forward to your suggestions and new puzzles, which will soon be attached to a free addition to the game. See how to create your own stage.
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with Marble World Editor
The game is available for you for free. Creating a game required a lot of work, so, if only you liked this game, we ask you to support us. Make a donation. This will allow us to expand the project and create the Marble Factory 2. Thank you!
System requirements
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Pentium 3 2.0Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent
  • Graphics Card 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows compatible sound card
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